Crinkles and Her Babies





crinkles baby

Some years ago OK-SNIP began working with a compassionate couple (CC) to trap and sterilize a large colony of mostly¬†feral cats. In the orchards along Hwy 7 between Oroville and Tonasket and in the Ellisforde Bridge area irresponsible people regularly drop off cats and kittens in the orchards. THIS IS CRUEL BEHAVIOR! When abandoned, many of these animals were tame and adoptable but revert to feral behavior and are killed by predators if they don’t freeze, starve or die of infectious diseases that can be prevented through routine vet care and vaccinations.


crinkles baby



Some weeks ago the CC trapped the elusive original mom. But, to their dismay, they could see she was a nursing mom. The CC found her new born kittens…3 boys and a girl.




crinkles baby


Even though mom, who we named Crinkles, because of her crinkled ear, does most of the kitten care work, the onlyway to ensure that the kittens can be tamed is to foster mom and kittens until they are old enough for adoption.




Animal Foster Care Cat Shelter (AFC) have very few foster homes. This time it was OK-SNIP with the only available taming/whelping cage as pictured. This last Thursday Crinkles’ 4 kittens were included in AFC’s transfer of 39 cats and kittens to our fabulous partner rescue, Northwest Organization for Animal Help (N.O.A.H.) in Stanwood. NOAH will foster, fix, vaccinate and microchip them prior to adoption.


More about Crinkles later……